Sunday, 23 September 2007

More from the Holiday but New York this time!

Before Spain, we were in New York for a couple of weddings. It was so great to be back...surrounded with endless sky scrapers, endless sea of people and the endless electric buzz that is New York City!
At one of the weddings, we had this beautiful, creative dessert that I just had to share.... the menu below describes it...

..and here is a picture of the deliciously creative dessert!

After rehearsal dinner on a Friday night, we went out and ended the night in NY style i.e. with a quick bite to eat at what was it - maybe 2 or 3am?!? Yeah, I can still stay up that late ;)
There are loads of places to get food at that hour but a strong favourite (at any time of the day really) is 'The Kati Roll Company'. It is located in the West Village on MacDougal (& Bleecker...the cross street). They have mouthwatering rolls...Achari paneer, Aloo masala, Beef Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Shami Kebab and 'Unda' (Egg). If ever in NY, you must try these! It's mostly a take out joint though there is some seating and somehow, we always manage to score a place. There is another branch in mid-town (times square) which is a favourite with the office lunch crowd. And ok - I admit, the paratha is a bit oilier than one would like but guess that's what makes it so tasty!

Paneer Kati Roll

Aloo Kati Roll

The other place I really like (especially in the hot NY summer) is Jamba Juice. It's a chain of juice/smoothies stores that started out in California. Delicious smoothies, health booster shots (not that I believe in those) and good old down to earth fresh juices. They have got to have the best blend of orange and carrot juice I have ever had!

Not to be missed - especially on warm days when the juice is so refreshing and soothing!

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Mansi Desai said...

wow, the dessert was really worth drooling over!!! we recently had a NY niagara trip...I even blogged about it, the places though, not food:D