Saturday, 30 June 2007

The Real Cupcakes

Why cupcakes...they are cute to look at, you can eat a whole one and not feel like you've had way too much cake (or so I tell myself) and well, they are just fantastic. This love for cupcakes began in New York at the one and only, Magnolia. Magnolia is good but NY is 'cupcake capital' and there is a whole world beyond Magnolia. My favourite cupcake place is Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the Lower East Side. Anyway, that's NY.
Coming to London. Cupcakes - what are those? More often than not, they are referred to as Fairy cakes..yes, cute but where are they?? After some misses (terrible dry cupcakes with fondant!), I have finally found a place that makes cupcakes as good as the ones you get in NY! It was an accidental discovery made while walking by South Ken. station. It's a cute little place called The Hummingbird Bakery. I've tried Chocolate on chocolate, chocolate on vanilla, vanilla on vanilla, cappuccino...and I've only been twice! They make red velvet, peanut butter and keep trying out new flavours like baked cheesecake... The cupcakes I've had are moist, light and plain old scrumptious! The bakery has a small seating area and they serve Illy coffee and a few other bakery items such as carrot cake, strawberry loaf etc. These items keep rotating so you may or may not find them on a particular day. The South Ken location is actually the second location - the first is on Portobello Road. Each bakery makes the cupcakes on the premises so it's all fresh! They even do mini-cupcakes for special orders. If ever looking for cupcakes in London, this is the place!
I found this on another blog ... the British view of American cupcakes..oops..fairy cakes.. :)

Friday, 29 June 2007

It starts....

Yes, I finally did it. Have no idea why it took me so long but here goes.... ofcourse the first real posting will be about Cupcakes!!