Monday, 17 September 2007

Marbella Club

Spain again - Had a lovely drink at the Marbella Club beach side bar. Citrus, banana...completely tropical. Ideal for the hot weather!

Luckily, the bartender spoke a little bit of English and between pointing at bottles and drawing the portions, I think I have the recipe for a soothing tropical cocktail.

1 part Grenadine
1 part Banana Liquor
1 part Campari
1/2 a glass of fresh Orange Juice
Shake well with ice. Garnish with Orange and Strawberry and drink up!
P.S. Guess I've never mentioned the reason for 'cocktails ' in the blog name. Well, it's very simple - I like cocktails and unlike the US, seem to encounter lots of creative cocktails in London. They look exotic and taste fantastic! The only cocktail ingredient I have not found often in London, is Guava. Aah..but I can always buy Guava juice at a store and make my own at home ... then again...too much work for just one drink!


Happy cook said...

The summer is gone, well i guess this year there was no summer at all the weather here was HORRIBLE.
But i am going to try this drink next time when i am having guests.

Kate said...

ah , this makes me want to go on a holiday !!! i'd have to try a non alcoholic version though :)

M&Ms... said...

happy cook - we had no summer either so you weren't alone :)

kate - hmm..holidays, just this morning I was tempted to plan another and ofcourse I was looking at warm locales!

nicisme said...

Oh that cocktail makes me want to go somewhere tropical! It looks delicious - thanks for posting!