Thursday, 27 December 2007

Midnight Dreams.....

I know, it's been ages since I've posted. Many excuses for that and lot's of catching up to do. So, may as well get on with midnight dreams! Midnight Dreams is a result of dreaming about dessert and making do with the ingredients at home. Thus, an easy, last minute dessert.
-And to those still thinking about the fact that I dream of food :) , yes - sometimes I do dream about food. Come on, it's better than dreaming about my year end statement of benefits from the insurance company (I did dream about that too!). This year end has brought lots of odd dreams but as usual, I digress.

Blackberries - as many as you like..
Mascarpone - 250gms
1 Egg White
30 gms Caster Sugar
Crushed Vanilla Cookies or any sweet cookies

Mix the mascarpone, egg white and sugar in a bowl until smooth. Then layer in the blackberries, crushed cookies and cream anyway you like it. Drizzle some honey over the last layer of blackberries and it's done. Simplicity!