Monday, 17 September 2007


Mushroom and Prawns in butter sauce

Ok. Am not going to bore you with every detail. One of the highlights of our trip was dinner in a small city called Logroño. It's in the Rioja region and is a modern city, with a small historic quarter...ok..ok. All that's from the guidebook! We were staying about 20-30 minutes from the city, almost in the middle of nowhere at a beautiful winery. Anyway, one night we decided we wanted to get some local food and were directed to Logroño.

Calle Laurel, Logroño

In Logroño, there is a street called Calle Laurel that is filled with Tapas bars. It was a fantastic experience - the sights, sounds and smells! The area was filled with Spanish tourists - no one spoke a word of English and we spoke no Spanish...yet, had an amazing time eating (and ordering food)! Each tapas bar is known for a specialty and you order food and a small glass of wine or beer and then move to the next bar. We tried some delicious grilled mushrooms with prawns (I had to figure out how to order them without prawns), then we tried some typical pocket bread kind of sandwich, then meat skewers (not me) and yummy - patatas bravas (spicy potatoes) !!! There were lots of other types of food but we were so stuffed ...we decided to leave the rest for another trip ;)

It was such an amazing authentic experience; the food was delicious, the people friendly, the atmosphere buzzy! The two pictures above is probably where we really struggled on how to order our 'Rotos' i.e. sandwiches. They had four kinds, squid, sausage, egg/cheese and mushroom. Don't ask how..we managed to get one sausage and one veggie!

Meat Skewer

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