Friday, 2 November 2007

Mung Sprouts...yummy??

If you mentioned Mung Bean Sprouts to me before I moved to London, I would had made a long face and said 'yech'..or something like that! I know, they are a great source of protein but I never really had them growing up and when I did (if I did??), they did not make much of an impression. Things have obviously changed since I am dedicating this post to Mung Bean Sprouts!

Soon after we moved to London, a friend took us to a Indian store in Southall. The place was huge, full of Indian goodies and next thing I know, my husband and our friend are having this animated conversation over Mung Sprouts. Seriously, I am staring at the guys and wondering if they've lost it. Am looking at the sprouts thinking, what is this stuff?! Anyway, to cut to the chase, they brought home two packets, cooked it, added in a bunch of stuff and it ended up being one of the most delicious healthy snacks I have had! So, I am now a convert and love making the following recipe whenever I want a healthy, low carb (am guessing), yet filling and tasty meal...gosh that is a tall order, isn't it?!

230 gm Mung Bean Sprouts
1 Medium Boiled Potato
1 Medium Red Onion
1 Medium Tomato
2 Green Chilies (dependant on taste)
2 table spoon Chaat Masala
1 teaspoon Red Chili Powder
1 1/2 teaspoon Dhana Jeera Powder (Cumin & Coriander powder)
1 1/2 Limes (juiced)
Salt to taste

Boil the sprouts in water for about 20 minutes on a medium flame until the sprouts are soft but with a slight crunch. Remove from heat, strain the water out and move the sprouts to a large serving bowl. While the sprouts are cooking, chop the potato, onions and tomato into small squares. Dice the chilies and add all chopped ingredients to the cooked sprouts. Add in the Chaat masala, red chili powder, Dhana Jeera powder, lime juice and salt to taste. Mix well with a spoon and eat away! Hope you convert like I did.


Sushama said...

Im already a follower of the mung beans!!! mom used to make them at home and I follow now. But its been so long since I made these that your post reminded me how much I miss my fav snack! neways, how were u doing all this time.

M&Ms... said...

Sush - enjoy! Doing fine thanks...just been super busy but blogging is a welcome break sometimes. Guess you've been busy too - been silent for a while!

Kate / Kajal said...

Definitely very Indian !!! :)
Its a very healthy snack and a household favourite.

roopa said...

I love mung bean chaat - check out my fancied up version that I made for a cocktail party I had a while back.

M&Ms... said...

Roopa - that is a neat idea!!!