Thursday, 12 July 2007

Mmm.....Ice cream!

Ever since I left India, a whole new world has opened up for me..... it's the world of Haagen Daz and Ben & Jerrys. I absolutely love ice cream. Favourite flavour for a while was 'Light' Dulce De Leche by Haagen Daz. Unfortunately, you don't get the light version in London so have to revert to the original. I do like the original but at times, it can be too sweet. Good old comfort, don't want to experiment ice cream is Strawberry (Haagen Daz) and the best ice cream bars are Caramel Toffee crunch (Dove) which I have found only in Minneapolis. Favourite ice cream place was the Edina Creamery in Minneapolis.

Anyway, ice cream mixed with cookies is a quick and easy last minute dessert. The other day I combined Dulce De Leche with some Ginger cookies from Tesco's 'finest' brand. It was a lovely combination, the ginger flavour gave the ice cream a refreshing twist without that strong pungent taste that is associated with ginger. Serve in a see through ice cream bowl or even a cocktail glass and it takes it up a notch.
Today, as I was picking up some last minute supplies from Sainsbury Local, I could not help walking by the Haagen Daz ice cream freezer. I was looking to replace the Dulce De Leche I gorged on yesterday and came across a 'Summer Berries and Cream' ice cream instead. It is technically summer, so I got completely taken in by the labeling and bought it. It tasted delicious - fruity, creamy and summery as expected. However, I wanted to add my little twist - just a simple one. So, I crushed a Marks & Spencer biscuit curl over the ice cream and stuck a mint chocolate stick (bought at a 50% off Godiva sale..) and served it up in a fancy glass. cream... someday I'll own an ice cream maker.

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